Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stick a wide load sign on my ass

I have had 2 babies now and I know that pregnancy can reek havoc on your body. I know that it takes bla bla bla to put it on and bla bla bla to take it off but damnit my take it off bla is not working. I am so tired of looking in the mirror and seeing my doughy white grossness staring back at me. I blame my pussy pouch and flabby ass on my second born, the spawn of Satan. After having my first I was working and needed cute clothes, all the girls in my office had cute clothes while I sported my pregnancy moo moo's. I started working out,doing Pilates and had gr8 results. I was down to my pre-prreggo weight before getting pregnant with my second spawn. I did good, trying not to gain as much weight the second time around. I have lost over 30 pounds since giving birth and I should be happy but really I am sick with myself. My weight has been fluctuating between 133 and 140 for the past month and a half. I am only 5 feet so that weight makes me chunky. I have a spare tire and a pouch that I hate. My stomach muscles, after being hacked into to remove stubborn Spawn #2, is such a mess. I wish I could have a tummy tuck or something. I was so happy not to have stretch marks on my belly but now it doesn't matter. I still look like I am 3 months post partum. My belly sags and is so gross. I do crunches, but still no results. I hate my pouch, it is so disgusting to look at. It jiggles. I have a jello gut. I watch it wiggle, it makes my babes giggle. GROSS GROSS GROSS !!!

Free and Clearance

When somebody asks if you want to sample something do you think that it is going to cost you? To me a sample is free, am I wrong? Then you have stores who think that clearancing an item is taking a few cents off of the regular price. Come on, that is not clearance. Clearance is taking more than 50% off the original price. I am a clearance shopper. I love a good deal and will rarely if ever pay full price for clothing or shoes. I watch shows like What not to wear ( I am sure some may think I need to be on that show) and I see them get so little for the 5 grand they are wasting. You know what I could do with 5 thousand dollars?? I would have enough clothes for the rest of my life. I am so not into todays fashions as it is. I mean really my ass is too large for stirrup pants and I loathe straight leg jeans. Besides that if I wanted to wear clothes that make me look pregnant, I would get pregnant and wear maternity clothes. Sorry but I never want to look (or feel) pregnant ever again. That chapter of my fashion life is forever closed. Thank GOD!! Back to topic though I hate when you see a clearance sign and a shirt regularly priced 9.99 is not 9.07 Come on, that is not a deal, that is a waste of my time. No need to get my blood pumping in the anticipation of a great price all for that. Really. Then you have the stores like Once Upon A Child or Goodwill where they are asking 7 bucks for used pants. Now they are making it so even the poor cannot afford used clothes. I just don't get it.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

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5 Minutes for Momis having an awesome contest. They are giving away a pink Dyson!! Go check it out, and link back to them and comment to get entered!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Message Boards- friend or foe

I am part of a great message board where I have met some great and some not so great women. For some I use the term "woman" loosely. After having my first child I was extremely lonely. None of my friends had kids and were all still in the single partying life. I had no one to talk to or relate to. Seriously I think my friends were tired of me wondering out loud about the color and consistency of my babies poops. So online I went (isn't the internet wonderful) and found a local message board to meet some new people to share this crazy journey called motherhood with. So four years and like 2 zillion boards later I am hooked. I have found some of my best friends (and worst enemies) on these boards. Not only have the boards taught me more about raising my child, it has brought me confidence and lifelong friendships.
Are message boards for everyone? Nope. Some people cannot handle boards. They cannot keep up, handle disagreements, or think they are "just message boards" Well to me they are not just message boards. For those of us truly invested into the boards the women on them become like family to us. Sometimes the boards can be our lifelines. You can go there and be yourself, let your boobs hang low and vent. You can go there at all hours of the night or day and find someone to talk to. You know when you sign on that you will find something to read or relate to. Someone will be looking for a hug or piece of advice.
A message board is worth what you put into it. If you come to the board with the mentality that it is just a board then what you will walk away with is just a board. If you come to it looking for friendships you will find just that and sometimes more. A board is not physical in the sense that it can control you. You have control over the board, and your decision and actions on the board, therefor you cannot and should not blame the board for your problems in life.
So are message boards friends or foes? I would have to say neither. Message boards are the gateway to friends or foe. They can be positive or negative depending on what you put into and take out of them.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Killing me

So I am now enrolled full time as a student at the local community college. I *think* I am going to get a degree in Social Work but who knows. I mean I have been going to college for so long and I change my mind all the time. I have ALWAYS wanted to be a teacher but there is such a shortage of jobs in that profession that it almost seems pointless in becoming one. So anyway I am taking an intro to sociology class taught by a man who thinks he is a GOD because his title is Dr. A doctor of what I don't know but I may need to see one because he is a pain in my ass. He has given us so much work for this week. Um hello this is an intro class!! Seriously you would think that it was a 300 level course or something. We are supposed to read 3 chapters this week, take 3 quizzes, and answer these stupid thought provoking (supposedly) questions, which are completely homogay. I hate this professor, however the subject matter is awesome. Why is he so lame though? Luckily I tend to work ahead so I only have one chapter left to read and I have answered some of his super stupid questions. Of course to top off all the work in his class I have 3 others as well, with nowhere near as much work. Of course I will have the last laugh when I post how much he sucks on at the end of the semester. Yeah that will show him.

I love it

I love it when people decide to delete you from Myspace. Seriously is this not the most high school-ish act there is? Especially when you have never done anything to them. I have always hated the guilt by association rule. I for one have never been one to say well you are friends with so and so therefore I cannot associate with you. I mean come on, judge much? If you are going to delete people then have the balls to message them and tell them why. Do not hide behind the screen. There are people on my page that I have never talked to on myspace and yet I would never delete them. I get annoyed by people who post gay ass bulletins but I CHOOSE not to read the bulletin. I guess self control in the key word here. Shit if I were to delete people off my page that I have disagreements with then I would have no one to talk to on there. Disagreements are part of life. They make the world go round. People who cannot handle disagreements need to live in a bubble where their tender little feelers can't be bruised.

Friday, August 31, 2007

women and good deals

Today I woke up early to go to a warehouse sale at a Carter's outlet store. It was a madhouse. As someone who never goes shopping on the day after Thanksgiving I found it almost overwhelming although very exciting. The countdown until the doors opened and the anticipation of great deals was too much for me to handle before noon. It was almost a competition to see who could get in the door first. I got caught up in the excitement and was about the 5th person in the door, cutting off the moms with strollers, there was no way I was letting them in first. I don't know what came over me, usually I am pretty polite in that respect. I usually let people go ahead of me, hold doors for others, etc. The thrill of a deal overtook my manners. In the end I spent eleven bucks and bought three pairs of pajamas for my sons. Would I do it again? Hell yeah. It is funny to see the way women get when it comes to getting a shirt for 70% off. I wonder if this is the way men get when they are outside playing football. It was crazy and from what I hear this sale was tame compared to years past. In my opinion the deals really were not all that great to begin with but it was still interesting to see.

Friday Feast

Feast One Hundred & Fifty Eight

Who is the easiest person for you to talk to? Hmm. I would have to say my friend Danielle. We see eye to eye on most things and she can be very understanding and insightful without being too pushy. When we disagree it is usually done respectfully and can see each others points of view without getting our panties in a wad.

If you could live in any ancient city during the height of the quality of its society and culture, which one would you choose? I would love to have lived in Cairo Egypt. The people of this time were amazing. They were archaeological geniuses.

What is the most exciting event you’ve ever witnessed? Gosh, talk about a hard question. Let's see. I must be boring because I have never really witnessed anything too exciting. When I worked in accounting it was always very exciting to catch people trying to pass fake checks. We got to see them get arrested. I always loved that part of my job. Haha scammers nice try!! Get a job!

Main Course
If you were a celebrity, what would you do for a publicity stunt? Well I would not drink and drive, that's for sure. Anything Britney did involving her children I would NOT do, lol.

What do you consider the ideal age to have a first child? I had my first son at 23 and I was ready. It depends on the person though. Some people are not ready at 36 while others can no a better job at 18. I tend to think age, marital status, etc mean little compared to your level of reponsibility, finances, and maturity.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Things that piss me off

I hate system abusers. You know the type, the ones who have 50 kids by 50 daddies and do not work to pay for them. The kind who claim to be disabled so that they can sit at home with their cats and cry on message boards. The kind who cannot be thankful for what they do have and instead want the world to feel sorry for them and pity them. Whatever happened to self respect, to pride? Whatever happened to working for what you have and for what you want or need? Now don't get me wrong, I am all for lending a helping hand to those in NEED. Sometimes life throws you a turd and everything turns to shit. I get that, I have been there. However I find it utterly ridiculous that there are people who expect to get something for nothing. Public assistance is out there to lend you a hand, not to feed you for life. It is sad that the system lets down those who really need the help but continues to help the abusers claim the "victim" card.