Friday, July 23, 2010

Who does that?!?!

So the other day at the pool, while my son was gushing blood from his beautiful face, a lady approached me. She asked me if we needed any help and if C was alright. I assured her we were fine and thanked her. She then turns to her 3 kids and says see this is exactly why you don't run at the pool. OMGeeeeeeeee I was mad. First off Cohen was not running, hell he wasn't even walking. He stood up and tripped over his towel. Second of all my son is sitting on a bench bleeding from his mouth and nose, so get the eff out of the locker room and let us deal with him. I was seriously ticked that she was using my son as a teaching lesson for her kids and that she made it sound like it was Cohen's fault because he was running. If my child was not bleeding and I was not freaking out I would have let her have it. Seriously, who does that?!?! And who does that in front of the child who is crying and bleeding all over his beach towel?

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